Just a few comments from happy dog lovers!

Just had our first visit and dogs loved it. well maintained area. good size. facilities for dogs like water, shower and agility equipment. excellent place to practice recall. I will be doing some running laps next time great place to kill two birds with one stone.

Kate Nicholson

I had previously used a field further away and was recommended by a work friend! Isla loves the field and I do too. She is frustrated on a lead when shes sees dogs so to be able to no she is safe and stress free means the world. She’s charging around the field as i type this. I would highly recommend.

Emily Naylor-Walker

Such a great space! Took my husky and lab, plus met up with a friends dog there. Well maintained and so nice to have a covered and sit outside option. The dogs loved the tunnel but were not so sure about jumping over the logs, I personally think they were just being lazy!
A safe, secure space with great access for parking and the code worked great to get in. 
Will definitely use again soon and recommend 

Lisa Wiles

This place is absolutely fab. It’s fun for the dogs, is totally secure and has all of the facilities you could need. We have just adopted a street dog from Serbia who is a little unsure of bigger dogs, so to have a place all to ourselves is great. Love it and will be back

Gina Wilson

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